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My 5 Five Top PR Tools Right Now

In the analytic driven world we live in, its a must that I be able to get the data I need for whatever project I am working on. Whether its evaluating press outlets for potential coverage or analyzing past coverage and its efficacy, to analyzing web traffic patterns, so much of how I make decisions is based on the data I can get. Here is a list of my favorite go-to PR tools for data that I am using right now (most are free).

1) Cision - whether its building a media list or analyzing coverage - Cision is the best resource as far as media databases go. But expect to pay dearly for it.

2) SEM Rush - I evaluate 100's of outlets a month and when I need to know if an online outlet has any reach and what the demo fo the audience is - SEM Rush is where I am headed. There is a free version but the paid is better.

3) Google Trends - still the best web indexing there is Google Trends shows you how many people are searching for a brand or product. Essential to determining online behavior and brand penetration, and its free.

4) Google Analytics - Corporate website provide the richest data when it comes to determining your true viewing audience. In addition its really the best way to evaluate any online web based campaign who's goal is to drive web traffic and / or visibility.

5) Social Mention - If I want to know what people are talking about on social right now, this is the one stop shop.


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